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Tips for Marketing a Project Internationally

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International marketing is a lot more challenging than domestic marketing, so it’s important to plan ahead and be prepared for possible roadblocks along the way. Read on for some tips on how to navigate your international project marketing efforts!

Understand the opportunities and challenges of each marketplace.

An important first step in international project marketing is to understand the opportunities and challenges of each marketplace. This means understanding the culture of the country you are marketing to, how you can make your project fit in with the local environment, and how you can market your project to the local population.

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Hire a local expert to help you navigate the market

Hiring a local expert is important. You need someone who can help you navigate the market, understand your target audience and their needs, and ensure that your product or service is relevant to them.

If you’re going to hire someone, who should it be? It’s best to choose someone from within the country or region where you want to sell your properties. They’ll have better knowledge of the culture and customs in that area.

We have a strong network of project marketers in more than 12 countries across the globe who can assist with marketing you project locally. Get in touch with us today.

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Use professional translators to translate your marketing copy.

You may be tempted to save money by using your own language skills or Google Translate, but this can lead to misunderstandings in the marketplace. Good translators will help you avoid mistakes like using words that sound similar but have very different meanings. They also know about local customs and etiquette, which is critical for communicating effectively with people in another country.

Finally, they understand what makes your product distinctive and how best to communicate its value proposition. In short: when it comes time to write and translate marketing copy, hire professionals.

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Simplify your message

Overcoming language barriers and cultural taboos is another important step in marketing internationally. If you’re trying to sell a housing product in a different culture, it’s important to understand what will resonate with investors there. If they don’t understand your message, how can they be expected to invest.

One way of overcoming this obstacle is by using simple language. Visual aids are another good way of helping people from different cultures understand your message. Architectural visualization will be key to communicating the quality of the investment opportunity you are offering.

Marketing internationally to investors in other countries can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to have a good strategy, strong marketing collateral, a great team and the willingness to tackle each challenge.

If you want help with marketing your project internationally, contact us today!

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