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The Power of Project Websites for Property Development

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Project Websites for Property Development

Project websites for property development projects serve as an important informational resource for potential buyers/investors who are considering investing in your residential or commercial project. There are many benefits to having project website for the pre-launch and post-launch phases of your property development project;

The sales process is complex. A project website adds simplicity.

The sales process is complex. It’s a journey that takes time and can be difficult to navigate. As a property developer, it’s important that you keep your customers interested in the project and excited about buying your homes. This will help increase sales, which will in turn help you make more money as an investor or developer.

Project Websites for Property Development
Project website for Property Development

Having a project website allows you to direct your banner advertisements, online property listings, and all other advertisements you have running for your project back to a central online location that contain all the information, visuals and contact information your buyers need to keep engaged.

Your project website should play host to all the lifestyle images, videos, 3D renders, site/development plan and aerial images and maps showcasing your project. It is also a great place for virtual tours/walkthroughs, floor plans and your company background and branding.

Project websites for Property Development
Our 3D renders are essential element to Project Websites for Property Development.

Your website can keep pace with your development.

The beauty of having a property development website is that it can constantly be updated with new information, news and construction updates. This means that people who visit the site from day to day will see how far you’ve come, which may encourage them to get involved in some way or another, either as a buyer or referral to a potential buyer.

You can build your email database

A pre-launch website gives buyers/investors the opportunity to ‘register their interest’ in your project, and a post-launch website allows them to submit their details for a call-back or to request further information about the project. This allows you (as the developer) or your project marketing team to build a database of buyers who you can integrate into your email marketing campaigns for the current and future projects.

Project websites for Property Development

You can tailor your message to different customer segments with landing pages

When utilising digital marketing to engage potential buyers and direct them to your website, you can use individual landing pages that are customised to suit specific demographics or your target market.

For example, if you are developing a medical precinct, you can have a landing page built with information relative to dentists, and another landing page tailored towards attracting exercise scientists. You can then run specific ads targeting each target market and direct the target audience back to each specific landing page.

A project website will help you inform and engage potential buyers

A website allows for immediate access to information about the development process, including timelines and other details about what will be happening at each stage of the construction process. It also provides an opportunity for people who are interested in buying units or homes within your project community to learn more about what life will be like once construction has been completed: where they’ll live; what amenities are available, pricing guides, quality of the finishes, etc.

Project websites for Property Development

while we still have a long way to go before we see the end of traditional property sales techniques, there’s no doubt that online channels – and in particular project websites – are becoming increasingly important. If you want to get ahead of the game and make sure your project has the best chance of success, then you need a website that will enable you to communicate with potential buyers quickly and easily. has been designing and building project websites for property developers across the globe.

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