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Le Glos de Gramont

Elevate your marketing strategy with our VR house tours and virtual 3D walkthroughs. Immerse clients in off-the-plan excellence with captivating virtual experiences.

Project Name:

le glos de gramont







Step into Le Glos de Gramont, a small residential refurbishment project that blends comfort and aesthetics for its new owners. Located in the heart of France, this project promises a harmonious living experience in a vibrant urban setting.

Property Render played a pivotal role in bringing Le Glos de Gramont to life. As a trusted provider of interior and exterior visualizations, Property Render’s expertise helped convey the interior design teams work through an immersive 360 Virtual Tour experience (CORE VR). Prospective buyers were able to complete a virtual walkthrough of the property from the comfort of their own home.

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