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How to Build an Online Real Estate Marketplace

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how to build an online real estate marketplace

Building an Online Real Estate Marketplace

Venture into the lucrative world of the online real estate marketplace! Learn how platforms like thrive, and explore the untapped potential of property portals with

What are real estate portals?

An online real estate marketplace, also called real estate classifieds or property portals, are thriving all around the world. Some of them are even becoming internet behemoths, like the Australian one (REA Group), which is a US$10bn valued company, making it one of the biggest portal on the planet. But everywhere, on each continent, in each country, several real estate portals are thriving, because finding a home, to buy or to rent, is one of the main things to do in life.

how to build an online real estate marketplace
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

How are portals working?

Those portals are working daily with individual owners, real estate agencies and agents, as well as real estate developers and promoters, to allow them to get the maximum exposure to market their property, either it is for sale or for rent. But most of the times, these portals are dependant on the quality of the listings they received, and it’s not always good. For example, only 18% of property listings on Rightmove have a floorplan (you can read our post on why it is important to have a floor plan to better sell your property), and most listings don’t have good photos.

build a property portal is an example of an property portal that focusses on the Indonesian property market.

How does an Online Real Estate Marketplace make money?

Real estate portals make revenues by selling visibility, exposure, advertising, boosts, etc. And it can goes up to a few thousands of dollars to post one listing only in some countries! Portals generate leads on property listings, and for their other partners such as banks, insurance companies, utility service companies and more.

Why working with us?

But online real estate marketplaces are tech companies, they are medias, they offer visibility, but they can’t assist their users getting better photos, better listings, better floorplans, etc… That’s why we are here with, helping you, portals, get better listings, by offering our different services, white-labelled, to your users.

But by doing that, you also add an other revenue line to your business. An other revenue growth potential. Extracting more value from the same customers you have, offering them more services, and helping them to sell and rent more, better and faster.

build a property portal
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

6 critical advantages

  1. Grow your revenues
  2. Offer more services to your customers
  3.  Don’t hire more teams
  4. White label it and make it your own
  5. Frictionless business experience
  6. Be one step ahead of the competition

Still not convinced? Check these facts!

  • 25% of buyers will ignore a property listing without floorplan
  • 30% more enquiries for properties with floorplans
  • Without a photo, you have 2 seconds to grab the buyer’s attention, 20 seconds with a photo
  • Professionally enhanced photos will boost listing views by 61%

And the main one,

  • For 83% of buyers, pictures are – very – important!

Take Action: Building an Online Real Estate Marketplace

Maximize profits effortlessly! Enhance your real estate portal with’s services. Stay ahead, boost listings, and tap into a new revenue stream. So yes, let’s work and explore synergies together, our teams work 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly, as we already have customers all around the world, on each continent (apart from Antarctica!).

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