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Benefits of Virtual Reality for Off the Plan Sales

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When selling off-the-plan properties, it’s important to consider the benefits that virtual reality tours (also known as virtual walkthroughs and 3D tours) can bring. Virtual reality (VR) has become a popular way of marketing property in recent times because it allows potential buyers to experience their dream home before they buy it.

potential buyer viewing a virtual reality experience for an apartment for sale off the plan
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The technology enables people who can’t visit a showroom or take part in an open day to virtually walk through a number of properties and make comparisons between them all. There is proof that real-time 3D walkthroughs improve the customer experience, which results in better sales conversions as well as showing potential buyers what their new home will look like before they buy it.

1. Customers are able to understand the property’s layout and dimensions.

When you show a virtual reality tour to your buyers, they can see the property in detail. The buyer can walk through the property and explore it at their own pace. They can look around the property from every angle, and they can see the dimensions of each room. This makes it easier for the buyer to imagine themselves living there, which helps them understand how much space is available for their family’s needs.

Click Here to view a virtual tour of an apartment in France completed by

2. Off the plan buyers can virtually walk through a number of properties and make comparisons.

Virtual tours allow buyers to explore any number of properties and make comparisons. They can explore each property from every angle, see the exact dimensions of each room, see what the rooms look like from outside, and get an idea of how much space is really available in each room. This gives them an opportunity to get a better sense for how well their lifestyle will fit into these homes, making it easier to settle on one that suits them best without having purchased anything yet!

3. Real-time 3D walkthroughs improve the customer experience.

Real time 3D walkthroughs are proven to increase sales conversions, and are even more effective when combined with 3D renders and supported by other project marketing collateral (i.e. project website). They also allow a more realistic experience of the property and allow customers to explore the property at their own pace.

4. Attention to Detail

The virtual tour allows potential buyers to see the exact dimensions of each room, including door frames, windows, support beams and other features that aren’t always visible in traditional still images or 3D renders.

Click Here to view a virtual tour of an apartment in Sweden completed by

5. A virtual tour allows potential buyers to control their own exploration

Buyers need to be able to explore the property at their own pace, and they will feel more comfortable doing that if they are able to control the experience themselves. This means having the ability to move around freely, look in different directions and through all rooms within the house or apartment. You can imagine how much easier this makes it for buyers when compared with being forced into one angle during a video tour where there is no interaction between them and their surroundings!

Virtual reality tours are an excellent way to market off the plan properties because they provide better visuals than traditional photos or videos and allow buyers to experience a higher level of engagement. It is also easier to compare properties with virtual reality tours as they provide a unique and immersive experience that cannot be replicated by video or photography alone.

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