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Effective Marketing Strategies for Off the Plan Sales: From 3D Renderings to Project Websites

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Off the plan sales can be a win-win for homebuyers and developers. It’s a way to get buyers to commit to buying a property before it is built, which helps developers secure their funding and gives them peace of mind that there will be enough demand for their new property development project.

If you’re about to launch a new property development, here are several tips that will help you get started with marketing ‘off the plan’:

1. Bring your project to life through 3D renderings or animations.

You will need to have visuals of your project to show potential buyers what the finished building will look like. 3D renderings are the solution for this, and can include interior, exterior, aerial and lifestyle renders.

3D render of a house in a property development project

2. Use virtual reality as a sales tool.

Virtual reality is a great tool for showing off your project to potential buyers. It’s a great way to show the space and lifestyle on offer, as well as what you will be able to see from different perspectives within the home or property.

Virtual Reality Headset for Property Development Projects
Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

VR experiences can be viewed in your sales display suite on tablets, touch screen displays or on virtual reality headsets like the Oculus VR headset. Another advantage of virtual reality tours is that prospective home buyers can view them from the comfort of their own homes on their computer or phones.

3.0 Use a project website.

Using a project website is a great way of providing all the necessary information about your development project to perspective buyers. The project website should include the 3D renders of your building, maps, development overlays, architectural animation, floor plans, and other marketing collateral that you have had created for your project. A great advantage to having a project website is that potential buyers can contact you or your sales team direct through the website via phone, email or contact form.

project websites for real estate projects
An example of a property development project website as part of a project marketing campaign.

If you are not quite ready to start selling, you can still provide a form for buyers to ‘register their interest’, but submitting their name, phone number, email address and preferences (i.e. 1 bed 1 bath). You can also include information about your company, such as your track record, values and a link to your company website if you have one.

4. Engage people early with social media ads, SEO and search marketing.

Social media ads are an excellent way to introduce your home before it’s even listed. You’ll be able to reach a targeted audience through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. A quick search on Google will give you plenty of information about how to create social media ads and target them effectively. You can also look into SEO (search engine optimization) or search marketing; both of these strategies help people find your home online when they’re searching for a particular type of property in a specific location.

Off the Plan Sales
Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

5. Show off the lifestyle on offer.

You should always try to showcase your property for what it can do for the buyer in terms of lifestyle and convenience, rather than just its physical attributes. This means highlighting the location, amenities (e.g., gym, pool), and other features that make a home ideal for buyers’ needs.

A good way to do this is through 3D renderings that illustrate exactly what it’s like living there. They allow potential buyers to see how they could fit into such a place—and they also make your online property listing more attractive by showing off all its best assets in one place!

Off the Plan Sales
3D render created for a Sydney property developer.

Utilising aerial photography, aerial renders and location maps will help highlight the project’s proximity to nearby schools, shopping centres, and lifestyle amenities.

6. Give buyers confidence in your project.

Homeowners are excited by the prospect of moving into a new home, but they will also have questions and concerns regarding the process. To make sure that they feel confident in their investment, you’ll need to answer any queries they may have upfront—and show them exactly what they can expect as well. Whether it’s using 3D renderings and animations or showing off some of the lifestyle on offer with photos from previous projects, there are lots of ways you can help buyers envision their new home before construction begins.

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Off the Plan Sales
Exterior 3D render modelled for a pre-sales project marketing campaign for an lifestyle resort.

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